It is mostly genial and ingenious music

Recension av CDn sagvikska landskap (med bl.a. 10 Svenska Concertini)
av Peter Grahame Woolf /

This is an unusual double CD with music by Swedish composer Stellan Sagvik based on folklore tunes from different parts of Sweden, punctuated by atmospheric sound pictures of "18th century harbours, town squares of today and yesterday, water dripping mines, birdsong glens, steps on old stairs and shoot-outs outside a restaurant" !

The concertinos (1982/83) (for flute, oboe, horn, saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, tuba, bassoon and trombone, plus a triple concertino for flute, viola & guitar) are played by principal winds and strings of the Cluj Philharmonic Orchestra. The music is devised as contemporary comments upon " old material twisted and turned and interluded with sound scapes from different times and places", the whole making a delightful amalgam and - so important to Musical Pointers - a unique compilation of attractive inventions by an attractively fluent and eclectic composer, about whom the insert leaflet (in Swedish only) tells us nothing. No portraits; just seasonal landscapes - maybe the winter picture below is of Stellan Sagviks' car?

It is mostly genial and ingenious music; easy listening but not simplistic. The craftmanship of Britten comes to mind now and again; the horn concertino sounds close to his Serenade. The idiom of this composer is never abrasive, nor is it too bland.

Each concertino is characterful and they should be sought out by students building their repertoires. A group of them would be ideal for a music college/academy student concert.

Recommended as well worth seeking out. The taped interludes will certainly bring you smiles.

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